Professional Tips For A Clean Workplace

The latest announcement from the government has pushed back the 21 June ‘Freedom Day’ by four weeks, due to the increase in cases of the Delta Variant of the coronavirus, and it has been advised that anyone who can work from home should continue to do so.

It has been said that the Delta variant is 60 per cent more transmissible than the Kent variant, leading people to rethink the measures needed to protect themselves from the virus.

For business owners, they must ensure the workplace is kept clean and enhanced hygiene measures are implemented for any employees who are unable to work from home and to be ready for when the workforce returns fully. We have a look at some tips to maintain office cleanliness.



Walk through your workplace and consider all the common ‘touchpoints’, for example, light switches, door handles, kitchen appliances, stair rails, and more. These need to be cleaned regularly with a strong sanitiser. For areas with high footfall, it could be wise to install hand sanitiser stations as a reminder to sanitise hands.


Staff Education

It is a good idea to develop a policy and training for staff to ensure that their workplace is kept clean to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Remind staff to keep keyboards, phones, desk surfaces, drawer handles and more, clean, and ensure employees have access to sanitising equipment.



While summer is not yet here, keep in mind that winter is not that far away, and with the colder months comes an increase in seasonal bugs and viruses. Public and staff washrooms can be a breeding ground for these bugs, so ensure that toilets and washrooms are cleaned regularly throughout the day.

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