How To Tell If Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Carpets are a wonderful way to bring a room to life and they can really help pull interior design schemes together beautifully, but you do need to make sure you look after them properly if they’re to stand the test of time.

After all, your flooring is a very hardworking part of the house, dealing with constant footfall and traffic, so without proper care and attention, you may find that you have to replace your carpet sooner rather than later. But this can be avoided, if you make sure you’re following a solid cleaning regime.

But how can you tell if your carpet needs cleaning? Well, first of all, if you know that it hasn’t been cleaned for at least a year, then it’s certainly time for it to be given a good scrub. 

Even if you have no pets and don’t let people wear shoes in the house, carpets can pick up all sorts of dirt and grime, and this can be bad for your health over time – so make a mental note of the last time it was cleaned and take it from there.

You can also tell if cleaning is necessary just by looking at your carpet. Think about what colour it was when it was first installed. If it looks dull or matted, then it probably needs to be cleaned.

And another surefire sign that you could do with a carpet clean is if your allergies have started acting up and you can think of no other reason why they may be doing so. Give us a call here at Cleanington to discuss carpet cleaning for your London home. We’ll soon be able to bring them back to life and have your home sparkling once again.

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