Top Tips For Tackling Dust Once And For All

One of the most regular, underappreciated and important duties for office cleaning services is taking care of dust. Most of us are familiar with dust either at home or in a neglected office; it is a mix of tiny particles of matter, including debris from food, textile fibres, skin cells, pollen and soil, and collects on surfaces

End Of Academic Year spells Cleaning Time

The joys of spring may bring lots of sunshine, longer daylight hours and flourishing foliage, but for students it means it’s time to revise for summer exams. Now It is May, the first exams will be very close and June will bring a mix of stress and demob happiness for students, who will no doubt

How To Clean After Decluttering

Many people might think cleaning and tidying are the same thing, but in fact, they involve very different tasks and skills. While lots of us might have spent the bank holiday weekend sorting through our belongings, how many finished the job with a deep clean of their house? However, it is important to clean up

Top Tips For A Successful Spring Cleaning Season

We are in the height of spring and with it comes the spring cleaning season, not only for homes but for offices and other business establishments that often rely on general cleaning services to help get themselves in order. However, whilst spring cleaning can be sometimes quite intimidating at first, if you take it a step

Get Your Home Clean for Ukrainian Guests

There are many occasions when householders want to get their home looking clean. Spring itself is often a good time to do so, because this is when the increased sunlight ensures the lingering dust that has gathered over winter cannot be missed. However, a particularly special reason to do so is whenever you have guests.

Top Tips When Cleaning A Server Room

The server room has become the most vital part of many businesses, as it often stores information vital to the business and ensures that employees whether in the office or working remotely can work properly. Because of the increased use of company servers in many business across London, specialist cleaning services in Marylebone exist to

New Covid Stats Show Need To Keep Up Hygiene

The ending of all Covid restrictions in the UK and the switch of media attention to the war in Ukraine may have taken people’s minds off the virus, but office managers should take note of the latest data showing that the pandemic is far from over. After peaking in January, case numbers had been declining

The 3 Areas Of The Home To Spring Clean

It may still feel like the depths of winter, but with a little more light creeping in every day, spring is certainly on the way, and it’s a good time to sit and take stock of your home and prepare for a big spring clean. From decluttering to reorganising, dusting to vacuuming, there are many

The Spring Cleaning Task You Likely Neglect

March heralds the arrival of spring and the ideal time to blitz your home or office. From dusting those hard to reach corners to decluttering your closet, there’s plenty to do. But is there one task you might be forgetting? As you work your way down your spring cleaning checklist, it is important to take

Employees Want Clean Workspaces Says Latest Research

According to the latest studies, the vast majority of UK workers consider workplace hygiene to be a priority for businesses. Regardless of industry, health and wellness have become fundamental to workplace productivity. The importance of keeping the office clean and hygienic has resulted in a surge in enquiries for professional cleaning services, which can be