Three Office Habits That Could Make Your Workspace Dirtier

A new season brings with it new hopes and new ambitions for a fresh start, and many companies hire office cleaning services for a deep clean during the start of a new season ready to face new challenges.

However, this chance at a fresh start can be undermined by the same office habits that many people do not realise makes their workspace more cluttered, more unhygienic and more difficult to work at than you may expect.


Overusing Cleaning Products

Knowing the right amount of cleaning products to use to effectively clean the house is a difficult proposition, as too little can be ineffective or make cleaning more difficult than it needs to be, but using too many cleaning products can leave behind a soapy residue.

This can attract dust, dirt and grime, leaving streaks in the middle of your hard work and making a clean office appear to be dirtier than it is.

This is a particular problem with windows, where streaks, grime and dirt show up more prominently.


Cleaning From The Bottom Up

It can be tempted to start cleaning on the floor and then gradually moving up, but this can lead to more work in the long run as dust and dirt flutters from the upper parts of the office onto the floor.

This is why after a long cleaning session, sometimes it can feel like the floor has somehow gotten worse, but a way to stop this from being as significant an issue is to get out the vacuum last and dust the walls and shelves first instead.


Collecting And Hoarding Paperwork

Many offices are moving towards a paperless or paper-free arrangement, and whilst the environmental benefits are self-explanatory, they also can help improve your workspace.

Piles of letters and paper in your in-tray can be somewhat dispiriting, so try to ensure that as many documents are created and distributed via email as possible, and regularly securely dispose of other documents once they have been digitally duplicated, stored and are no longer legally necessary to keep.

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