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We know that maintaining a clean home can be challenging when you have other, more pressing obligations. As a solution, we offer a comprehensive, general cleaning service sure to keep your home clean and spotless.

Our services are available one-off or on a regular schedule fit to suit your lifestyle. Our cleaners will work tirelessly to carry out all the necessary tasks according to the highest standards.

Whether you need daily cleaning services or a deeper monthly clean, achieve a cleaner home with our help

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  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, countertops, sinks and floors
  • Shower and/or bathtub cleaning and disinfecting
  • Toilet cleaning and sanitising
  • Bin emptying and cleaning
  • Cleaning and storing dishes
  • Wiping and sanitising all surfaces
  • Tile and countertop cleaning
  • Hob cleaning
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sinks
  • Bin emptying and cleaning
  • General dusting and cobweb removal
  • Floor vacuuming and mopping
  • Thorough dusting and cobweb removal
  • Changing bedding (upon request)
  • Mirror cleaning and polishing
  • Floor hoovering and mopping/sweeping
  • Windows
  • General tidying
  • Thorough dusting of all reachable surfaces
  • Window and mirror cleaning
  • Floor hoovering and/or mopping.