Get Ready To Clean Student Accommodation

Teenagers around the country have now received their A-Level results and are preparing for their upcoming move to their student accommodation. As well as planning what to buy and how much to pack, it is important to prepare for cleaning your new residence. 

In just a few weeks, cars will be filled to the brim with the contents of kids’ bedrooms as they embark on their new adventure, but make sure you leave room for some good cleaning products so you can give the flat or shared house a thorough scrub when you arrive. 

Although accommodation providers should have done a deep clean before residents move in, it is a good idea to go over any communal surfaces or areas of personal hygiene again to prevent the spread of bugs. Some kitchen spray, bathroom cleaner and a tub of bleach are essential cleaning products to bring with you, and can be used to keep the accommodation in good condition. 

Don’t forget to take some microfibre cloths, sponges, tea towels, and dusters, as well as bin bags, washing up liquid, and washing powder. A dustpan and brush, mop and bucket are also useful items to have to hand to keep the floor free of debris and prevent the likes of rats from visiting. 

No student wants to blow their loan on cleaning supplies, so UCAS recommends looking in low-cost shops or supermarkets, such as Wilko and Savers. They also suggest setting up a rota with flatmates and taking it in turn to tidy up, as well as buy the products.   

If the accommodation is in a really bad condition, make sure your provider gets end of tenancy cleaning professionals to do a thorough clean before you settle in. 

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