Top Tips When Cleaning A Server Room

The server room has become the most vital part of many businesses, as it often stores information vital to the business and ensures that employees whether in the office or working remotely can work properly.

Because of the increased use of company servers in many business across London, specialist cleaning services in Marylebone exist to ensure computer rooms and servers are working in as optimum a condition as possible, reducing the risk of business disruption.

Here are some top tips to make the complex cleaning of server rooms easier.


Removing Dust Is The Priority

The main cause of computer damage, overheating and eventual failure is typically the result of dust particles that can over time clock fans and cooling systems, forcing them to work harder to maintain an optimum temperature.

However, wiping dust from a server machine, particularly for deep cleans, is difficult because of the buildup of static electricity that can, if not handled carefully, cause static discharge that can render some computer parts completely useless.

Use a gentle dusting cloth to wipe away excess dust that has settled on the servers as well as from the corners of the room.

As well as this, use a powerful vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove dust from the floor, that can sometimes be picked up by the fans and end up causing issues to the servers.


Use Antistatic Cleaning Chemicals

When wiping down your servers with cleaning equipment, use approved antistatic chemicals to clean the support racks wiring closet and server machines and avoid making your wipes and cleaning equipment too damp when you do so.


Be Careful When Mopping The Floor

When mopping, try to ensure you are using a damp mop rather than a wet one. The simple reason for this is that the excess moisture can cause damage to the floors because of excess moisture, and create a potentially more humid environment than the servers are designed to handle.

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