Experts Warn Public Of Another Covid Wave

It is time to start cleaning thoroughly and sanitising scrupulously again, as experts have revealed the UK is the midst of another Covid-19 wave. 

Cases of people testing positive rose to 2.7 million last week, a rise of 18 per cent from the week before, The Express reported.

NHS England figures show that a lot of these patients have serious complications from the virus as well, with 13,336 people in hospital on Sunday (July 11th). This was an increase of 25 per cent from the previous Sunday. 

These figures are almost as high as the peak number of admissions from Covid-19 in April 2022, when 16,600 people were being treated for the virus in hospital.

At a briefing by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency (SAGE), professor Christina Pagel was reported as saying: “The new wave is now starting … Hopefully, it won’t be as high as the previous two waves and might be lower. But we can’t count on that and either way, we are going to see more people becoming infected.”

The government abolished coronavirus restrictions in February, which means the virus is being allowed to spread, particularly during celebrations like the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee when cases rose by 43 per cent, and summer gatherings.

While people cannot protect themselves from catching the virus when travelling, in public places, or at work, there are some things they can do to limit their exposure.

For instance, cleaning surfaces regularly, vacuuming the carpet, and using disinfectant on appliances or worktops, particularly in shared spaces, are all helpful in preventing Covid-19. 


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