Get Your Home Clean for Ukrainian Guests

There are many occasions when householders want to get their home looking clean. Spring itself is often a good time to do so, because this is when the increased sunlight ensures the lingering dust that has gathered over winter cannot be missed.

However, a particularly special reason to do so is whenever you have guests. This might be a party or a relative coming to stay, but for many people it might be something much more profound and worthy.

Since the government announced the Homes For Ukraine scheme for people to welcome Ukrainian war refugees into their homes, Britons have flocked to volunteer. Over 100,000 people signed up to host families or individuals on the first day registration was available.

That means many people will be getting their spare rooms ready to host visitors who have fled the war-torn country, which means the coming weeks may see a lot of demand for cleaning services in north London from those happy to provide a home from home and who want to ensure their guest gets the most positive impression when they arrive.

Since the Russian invasion began, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that, as of March 16th, nearly 3.2 million people have left the country. Of these, small numbers have crossed the border into Russia and its ally Belarus, despite their hostile actions. However, most have fled west into eastern European countries that are now part of the EU and NATO.

Poland has had by far the most refugees, with this being the friendly country with the longest border. But while large numbers are staying in that country, tens of thousands are heading further west. Some have family connections elsewhere in Europe, but many will be housed with strangers.

However, with a beautiful clean home, you could be giving someone venturing to a strange land the best of welcomes.

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