End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips To Save Your Deposit

The lockdowns of the past 18 months have highlighted our need for more space in the home, and it might be that you are looking to move out and find a bigger and better place to rent. Maybe with a garden, and ready-made home office, or close to a good park.

But before you hand over your keys to your old landlord, you need to ensure that you leave your old home looking spotless. After all, with predictions that rents in London could reach £30,000 a year, you will need to grab every penny you can!

We have some tips to help you organise your end of tenancy cleaning.


1. Remember the Rubbish 

Once you start decluttering in order to minimise your packing, rubbish will quickly mount up. You may also have old furniture and appliances that you don’t want to take with you. Ensure you get all rubbish collected.

2. Deal with Documentation  

Take a look at your tenancy agreement to determine exactly what is expected of you before you vacate the property. Untidy properties are often the main reason for disputes over deposits.


3. In-Depth Cleaning

There will almost certainly be areas of your old home that will require some extra attention, particularly areas such as ovens and other kitchen appliances, or carpets that have experienced high foot traffic, such as entranceways and hallways.


4. Furnishing

If you were renting a furnished property, then going the extra mile and dressing furniture will always be appreciated. Arrange cushions on the sofa, pile towels neatly in the bathroom, or place a vase of flowers in the kitchen. It will be appreciated by your old landlord.


If you need some help with end of tenancy cleaning in Marylebone, talk to us today.

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