How to Keep Employees Healthy in a Small Office Space

It can be a challenge for business leaders to come up with innovative ways to help improve employee morale, especially so in smaller offices where everyone is in close quarters, as tensions can run high and quickly escalate.

While there are many ways to help incentivise and reward employees, one of the simplest ways to help boost office morale is to ensure the workplace is clean and healthy, particularly in the post-pandemic new normal, and make sure you tackle those germ hotspots!

We have a look at some tips for maintaining a clean office.


Keep a Clean and Tidy Office

Keeping the workplace clean and tidy will help keep employees happy and healthy at work. A clean working area provides numerous benefits to workers, as it helps decrease stress while reducing the chances of illness spreading throughout the office.

A tidy office will be much more organised and means that employees are able to find the items they need faster, whether that be important reports no longer buried under mountains of paperwork, or essential office supplies when you need them to complete an important task.

By doing little things to keep the office neat and tidy, a thorough cleaning will not be required nearly as much. Putting dishes away, clearing off desk areas, and occasional sweeping or vacuuming are all easy ways to keep your office clean. 

You should also invest in non-toxic cleaning products. Many common cleaning products can contain toxins, allergens, and harsh chemicals. These products often linger in the air, which in smaller spaces can be concentrated.

Fortunately, there are many non-toxic cleaning products available that will do as good or better of a job!

You can also pay for a professional cleaning service if one is not provided by your office building already. They will likely do a more thorough job cleaning, and employees will definitely be more focused and happier in a clean office. 

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