Top Cleaning Tips For Students

Living in a shared house with your friends at uni for the first time is exciting, especially after a very difficult 18 months for many young people. Keeping the place clean and tidy is probably not high on your list of priorities, but after a while, living in a dump can start to affect your mental wellbeing. Here are some simple tips to keep on top of the housework.

  1. Removing mould

Not all student accommodation is high-quality, and you may find that if you are renting an older property, it is prone to damp and mould. The most common place to find it is in the bathroom, and it usually begins with the shower curtain. Remove the curtain rings from the hooks, and check the care label to see if it can go through the washing machine.

If not, or you can’t find any care instructions, soak the curtain in the bath with a capful of laundry detergent. You may also notice mould building up in the grouting between the tiles. To remove it, carefully pour a small amount of bleach into a container (not a cup from the kitchen!). Dip an old manual toothbrush into the bleach and scrub between the tiles.

  1. Red wine stains

The heart sinking moment when someone knocks a glass of red all over the regulation beige carpet is bound to happen at some point. Move quickly to blot, but not rub, the stain with an absorbent cloth, turning to use fresh areas of cloth each time. Once you have absorbed as much of the liquid as possible, add a little water to dilute the stain.

Next, mix a paste of baking soda with a three-to-one ratio to water. Apply the paste directly to the affected area, and leave it to dry out completely. If the stain is still there when the dried paste has been vacuumed away, try using a carpet stain remover, following the instructions on the bottle.

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