Three Frequently-Touched Surfaces You May Be Forgetting To Disinfect

For many of us, hygiene and cleanliness have become a top priority over the past year, and we work diligently to sterilise high-touch areas and enlist the help of antimicrobial surface coating services to help ensure other surfaces are clean and safe to touch.

However, whilst we take care to clean kitchen surfaces, bin lids, handrails and door handles that are often frequently touched, there are other surfaces we often neglect that can also be hotspots for diseases.

Here are three frequently touched surfaces you might be forgetting to disinfect.



Most people who have a landline phone in their office or home office typically regularly clean them. However, smartphones and other devices we keep in our pocket are all too often forgotten about.

Mobile phones, due to how often we use them and how often we touch with both our fingers, mouths and lips, can potentially be major spreaders of disease, so it is important to wipe them down with an anti-bacterial cloth.



Because it is neither in the office nor at home, the car’s cleanliness is often neglected. However, it’s important to ensure that any part that is likely to be touched, such as the steering wheel, gearstick, keys, centre console, window controls and air vents, are wiped down with disinfecting wipes.



If you wear prescription, reading or sunglasses you should regularly disinfect them as well as clean the lenses.

When cleaning them, try to avoid using rubbing alcohol, as this can sometimes damage certain lens coatings, but washing up liquid and water, or standard lens cleaner is effective.


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