The Most Overlooked Places To Clean In An Office

Whether you are a startup business that has made the big decision to move to a bigger office or has opted for a smaller, hybrid office environment with less physical space, moving is one of the hardest steps to take.

There are so many aspects to consider in the move, from ensuring all the equipment and documents are taken with you, to getting ready to hand over the keys and the paperwork associated with the end of a lease that certain parts of the building can be easily missed.

Here are some of the most overlooked cleaning locations in an office.


Behind Printers And Photocopiers

Laser printers and photocopiers are large, somewhat bulky electrical appliances that can gradually accumulate a large amount of dust, dirt and grime on, under, behind and around them, especially in high-traffic office areas where they are frequently used.

This can lead to quite the shock when you move out, as it is a rather gradual process and can provide a shock when you finally move the machine and find all of the dirt that had built up over years.


Vents And Ducts

HVAC ventilation systems are often overlooked because they are not immediately in our eye-line, but need to be cleaned regularly and not just because your deposit could depend on it.

Clogged and dirty vents can cause increased energy costs and potential health hazards as the unsanitary gunk can spread throughout the office.


Curtains And Blinds

Often ignored due to the time-consuming nature of cleaning blinds, it is important to make sure curtains and blinds are cleaned regularly and not just when they collect dust. Otherwise, they can start spreading dust around the office and cause a health hazard.


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