The Dirtiest Hidden Places In Your Home

The bathroom, it has been revealed, is not the most germ-infested area in the home, and it is time, especially for spring-cleaners, and it is time to pay extra attention to the often-neglected corners of your home that can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

If you’ve been gathering cleaning tips for the new year, then it is important to apply them to these areas in the home that can be all too often ignored and can be prime real estate for bacteria, bugs, and mould. Let’s have look at a few of these areas.


Behind the radiator

Radiators are often hidden behind furniture, or designed to blend into the walls they are against. But even if you remember to dust down the exterior, the grooves behind the radiator can accumulate tightly packed dust and dirt that can then be expelled back into the air. Cleaning behind your radiator can also improve the efficiency of your central heating and reduce bills.



Tiles are a studding addition to the bathroom or kitchen, but grime and dust can get trapped between the tiles in the grout, making the walls look dirty and grimy. Grout is a porous material, meaning it is prone to staining. Cleaning grout might be a long job, but including it as part of your regular cleaning routine can help reduce mould buildup.


Skirting boards

Skirting boards, with them not being at eye level, tend to be neglected when cleaning, and dust and grime can build upon these small ledges. Remembering to wipe skirting boards will make a considerable difference to your walls, and help make your home look pristine.



No matter how often you shower, it might not be that often you take a closer look at your showerhead. If you did, you may see that not all of the holes are shooting out water, as, over time, they become closed with mould, mineral deposits, and soap scum. Take the showerhead off and place it in a plastic bag of white vinegar for a few hours, rinse and re-attach it.


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