Step By Step Guide To Deep Cleaning An Office Carpet

If there was a hierarchy to how enjoyable cleaning tasks are, then deep cleaning the carpet would rank quite low, as the task can be quite time-consuming, lengthy and easy to miss spots or require moving desks and furniture out of the way.

However, deep cleaning your carpets every six months can help improve the look of your carpet, help it feel better, increase its longevity and remove allergens embedded deep in the carpet’s fibres.

As well as this, once you follow these five simple steps, you will notice results almost immediately.


Step One: Vacuum Furiously

The first step you will want to take is to vacuum the carpet to remove any loose dust and debris on the fibres. This helps the deep cleaning process to work better and avoids the risk of burying dirt deeper into the pile once you apply water.


Step Two: Check Your Carpet’s Instructions

If your carpet is quite old it may not have a surviving tag or any instructions, but these are essential to know which cleaning agents could potentially damage the pile, leading to costly repair and replacements.


Step Three: Spot Clean Stains

If you can spot obvious stains, especially fresh ones, use a carpet cleaning solution (or mix one part vinegar with two parts water), test in an inconspicuous area first, then spritz the stain, blot out the area and wash it away with fresh water.


Step Four: Steam Clean

Use a steam cleaner to steam the whole carpet, either with a professional carpet solution or the vinegar-water solution from before.

Make sure to cover every visible inch of the carpet.


Step Five: Let It Dry

The most satisfying step is leaving the carpet to dry completely, and seeing the amazing result.


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