How To Cut Covid Fears For New Tenants

Despite many reports about how fewer people want to rent in London, the reality is that millions of people still do – and there is still a turnover of tenancies.

With some coming and some going, there will still be the need for end of tenancy cleaning in north London. But in certain areas, there may be a little bit of trepidation over the possible Covid risk, no least from the so-called Indian variant.

For now, it remains the case that cases of this new variant are mostly concentrated away from London, with the worst-affected areas in England being up north in Bolton and Blackburn, although Bedford is also among the areas with a lot of cases.

However, there are a few areas of London affected and while new data from Public Health England has shown the vaccines used in the UK work well against the Indian variant after two jabs, it is substantially less effective after just one.

For that reason, new tenants may feel very reassured when moving into a recently-vacated property if it has been given a thorough deep clean. Although the threat of lingering virus particles on surfaces is far less of a risk than direct contact with infected people, it does exist.

While this should be a standard procedure when a tenancy ends anyway to give the new tenant somewhere sparkling clean to move into, additional care will provide a greater sense of security and prevent people feeling nervous about moving in.

Official government figures up to May 23rd identify Hillingdon as the borough with the highest positive test rate. The highest rates per district within the borough are found in Hillingdon itself and Ruislip.

Overall, London’s figures remain low, with just one district in Croydon showing the sort of rate that is commonplace in parts of the north of England. Great swathes of the capital have either no cases or fewer than three – the point at which data is withheld to protect individual privacy.

This means it is safe for people to move in to new homes in north London – but they will still feel reassured by a deep clean.

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