Give Your Home A Post-Holiday Clean In 3 Easy Steps

It is hard to keep on top of housework during the holidays, with children running around spreading dirt, crumbs and spillages everywhere you look. But now they’re back at school, this is the perfect time to give your North London property a deep clean, so it can look fresh and gleaming for the new term.


  • Wipe down surfaces

You might have managed to wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces during the long break, but did you really give them a thorough scrub? Make sure you get rid of any build-up of grime and bacteria by removing dust with a dry cloth before spraying down the surfaces.

It’ll take time to tackle every shelf, appliance, piece of furniture and worktop but it’ll be worth it when the house is glimmering.


  • Clean floors

You’re probably itching to give the entire house a good vacuum, removing any obvious traces of food, dried mud and tiny bits of paper or inconspicuous toys. However, it could be worth having a carpet treatment as well. This will get rid of any deeper stains – like juice, paint or make-up – and wash away hidden bacteria from the carpet fibres.

For wipe-clean floors like laminate or vinyl, why not try steam cleaning the surface? The hot water will lift off hidden marks and leave floors dirt-free.


  • Don’t forget appliances

Having the kids at home means cooking and washing all around the clock. As a result, your appliances are bound to have taken a hit. That is why it is a good idea to thoroughly clean them, whether by hiring someone to professionally clean the oven or simply removing limescale from your kettle.

You should also make sure to remove crumbs from your toaster, and put cleaning solution through your dishwasher and washing machine.


If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in north west London, get in touch today.

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