Cleaning Hacks You Should Know This Winter

A good deep clean at the start of autumn will help keep cold and flu-season germs, mud, and dust at bay, and help make your home feel are cosy and inviting at the end of a long day.

While there are plenty of cleaning jobs to do around the home during the winter, we have a look at some top tips for a deep clean so you can be sure to cosy up in your home safe in the knowledge that everything is clean and hygienic.


Wash blankets and pillows

Few things beat the feeling of freshly laundered sheets on your bed when you bury yourself under the weight and warmth of your winter duvet. However, neglecting to wash your bed linens weekly will lead to hidden dirt and bacteria lurking in your bed.

More regular washing of textiles and linens, including the throws on your sofa, will keep bed bugs, mites, and nasty germs from lurking between the sheets.

Wash soft furnishings on a 40ºC to 60ºC cycle every two weeks to keep pet dirt, fur and those late-night biscuit crumbs away.


Tackle dusty carpets

Pet hair, deep-rooted dust, and dead skin can accumulate in the deep fibres of your carpets and rugs, so ensure you vacuum regularly and shake and any loose textiles outdoors to release surface debris.

Use a carpet freshener to give your carpet a fresh scent and use bicarbonate of soda or even beer as a crafty stain remover.


Wash curtains

Curtains will eliminate draughts, and help keep the house warm during the dark winter months, but curtains are also an area of the home that can gather pollen, traffic fumes, and dust, so ensure you wash them twice a year and hang them while still damp to avoid wrinkles.


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