Autumn Cleaning Tips For Your Home

We all know about spring cleaning, but health experts suggest that such a deep cleaning should be undertaken at least twice a year, with the second time in autumn.

As summer ends and the cooler temperatures and shorter days roll in, autumn is the best time to not only finish off all those leftover DIY jobs but to give your home a deep clean. Central heating and reduced airflow due to closed windows make the ideal conditions for textiles to harbour dirt, germs and allergens.

We have a look at some autumn house cleaning tips to get you started.

De-Clutter Your Cupboards

We all have items in the cupboards that we no longer need, and they can ultimately begin to clutter up the home. Autumn is an ideal time to start a mass decluttering, removing all the items that only serve to collect dust and clear out clothes you no longer want or don’t fit. Always remember to recycle or donate anything appropriate to a charity shop.

Remove All Cobwebs

The humid summer has created the perfect breeding climate for house spiders, but while cobwebs might add to the upcoming Halloween experience, it is best to remove them from your home, with either a vacuum cleaner’s extended hose or with an extendable duster.

Defrost The Freezer

We use our fridges and freezers daily, and to ensure they are working to their full potential, it is important to keep on top of maintenance, including defrosting it and giving it a good clean and disinfecting.

Clean Bedding, Upholstery & Curtains

Changing your bedding weekly will help keep the bed clean, but there is also a surprising amount of dirt that builds up in the mattress. One way to clean your mattress is with a vacuum cleaner and mattress tool, but one top autumn cleaning tip is to use a suitable steam cleaner, as well as on other soft furnishings and carpets.

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