5 Tips for Cleaning Your Home Office

Working from home has become the new normal for many people, but if ‘hybrid working’ for you means doing housework, child care, dealing with pets, noisy housemates, and all manner of distractions while trying to get work done, then maybe you haven’t even had the time to get your WFH office space looking clean and tidy.

According to BBC News, over a million people will be continuing to work from home post-lockdown, so if you want to increase your productivity and wellbeing then starting with a clean desk is a great first step.


  1. Start with a clean slate

Begin by clearing everything off your desk and organise what needs to go back on it, and what you want to pout back on it. Some people need a workspace of minimal clutter, while others need a certain level of chaos to spark creativity. Be intentional with what you put back on the desk, with only what you need and what makes you happy.


  1. Wipe down your desk surface, keyboard, mouse, desk lamp, and any other high-touch hotspots

Our desks can be hotspots for germs and viruses, so wipe down all the surfaces and items you handle regularly, such as your keyboard and mouse.


  1. Sort through paper clutter and get rid of what you don’t need

Even with many companies adopting paper-free policies, there can still be a lot of paper clutter, from junk mail, bills, receipts, and it all should be sorted through regularly to prevent a paper clutter avalanche.

Sort any paper clutter into piles of what to recycle, what to shred (such as confidential documents, or items that have personal information on them), and what you need to keep.


  1. Keep what you need within reach

Consider what items on your desk you use regularly, and keep them to hand to help avoid interruptions to your workflow.


  1. Get help from a professional

Our busy lives mean there isn’t always the time to do all the jobs we want, so why not take on professional cleaning services in North West London to ensure your home and office is always clean and clutter-free.

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