5 Health Benefits Of A Clean Home

We all have a sense that we should keep our homes clean. Perhaps it was instilled into you by your parents, or societal pressure have you feeling you should dust the shelves.

While we all know that it feels good to sit in a clean and tidy house, and how good it feels to even have accomplished those forgotten about parts of your home that need cleaning, there are some positive health benefits of a clean home too. Here are five of the top benefits.


You’ll feel less stressed

If your house is cluttered, then your mind will likely be cluttered too. A study in 2010 showed that women with messier homes had higher stress levels than those with tidy homes. Your stress levels are connected to your space, and getting on top of those ‘to do’ jobs and getting things in order can help you manage stress easier.


You’ll be more active

Tidying the house isn’t going to burn as many calories as a session at the gym, but it is more physically involved than being sat on the sofa. In fact, check out these 10 different chores that burn 100 calories!


You’ll be more productive

A disorganised room can lead to procrastination, especially when there is something else that needs doing. But when everything is in order, your mind will find it easier to get stuff done.


You’ll sleep better

Without any leftover ‘to dos’ on your mind, it’s always easier to drift off to sleep. Being able to go to bed without spotting anything that should be tidied away or cleaned will help keep those gears from turning when your head hits the pillow.


You’ll get sick less frequently

A clean home means fewer germs and bacteria, as well as helping to reduce the dust and allergens in home textiles, which in turn can help reduce allergies and asthma. Regular cleaning is essential for the health and happiness of the home.


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