4 Tips To Supercharge Your Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is one of those unavoidable chores that need doing regularly and well to keep your home or workplace a pleasant and healthy place to be. Unfortunately, for most of us, we also have to squeeze it in around a busy schedule, and corners can sometimes be cut. Here are some top tips to help make your efforts go further.


  1. Invest in a good quality doormat

This might seem obvious, but a thick doormat that is designed to trap mud and dirt can stop a great deal of dust and grime from being brought further into the house. If you notice loose debris on the surface, thwack it outside to clear it off, and vacuum the mat every week.


  1. Switch old dusters for microfibre cloths

If you are using old rags or traditional yellow dusters in your home, you may be simply be spreading more fibres around than removing them. Buy a pack of coloured microfibre cloths, which are much better at picking up dust, and won’t shed extra particles around your surfaces. You can also colour-code them for each room, or purpose.


  1. Replace the dust filters in your vacuum cleaner

It can be easy to ignore the dust filters right up to the point where your device is no longer picking up dust and dirt effectively. However, to ensure it is working at maximum efficiency, the dust cylinder should be checked for blockages regularly, and the filters shaken or washed to remove clogged dust. Replace them with new ones every 1-2 years.


  1. Don’t spray and wipe surfaces straight away

When cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, most people spray a surface, and then immediately wipe the product off with a damp sponge. However, you will notice much better and more hygienic results if you spray the product evenly, and leave it to work for 10 minutes first before wiping.


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