4 Tips For Carpet Maintenance And Cleaning

As the world reopens following the pandemic, many people will be returning to the office, even if for reduced days and hours than previously. It means business owners need to implement a range of enhanced hygiene measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and keep staff, customers, and clients safe.

However, with increased footfall in the workplace, it’s important to remember that your carpets need some TLC. Even if your office is continuing to be at home, with kids running in and out during the school holidays, your carpets soon become a magnet for dirt and grime. However, before you attempt any unwise TikTok carpet cleaning hacks, we have four maintenance tips.


  1. Use mats

Placing carpet mats at the entrances to the workplace is a fantastic first line of defence against people treading water, dirt, and debris into your carpets around the rest of your premises.


  1. Regularly vacuum high-traffic areas

Not only will developing a routine vacuum-cleaning schedule help eliminate the buildup of dust and dirt in the carpet, but that will also help improve air quality, especially in areas where there is heavy foot traffic.


  1. Tackle spills as they happen

The carpet is one of the first things noticed by visitors, whether they’re clients, customers, or employees. Remind employees to be extra vigilant about spills, and to tackle them as soon as they can to ensure any accidents don’t cause unwanted stains in your carpets.


  1. Remember to deep clean

It’s advised to get your carpets professionally deep cleaned at least once every year. Professional cleaning techniques can help improve air quality and prolong the lifespan of your carpets. Investing in carpet care reduces replacement costs and disruptions while also creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and building occupants for years to come.


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