Why Summer Cleaning Frees Homes For Holidaymakers

If you are a landlord who lets to students, now is the time of year when end of tenancy cleaning in north London is likely to be top of the agenda.

The end of the academic year is not just a chance to clear away the accumulated grime of the last year or even the recent messy consequences of end-of-term parties. It is also an opportunity to free up such homes for short-term lets.

In this case, they can be used as holiday lets over the summer, just as student halls of residence sometimes are.

This year may be a compelling time to do it. While some might have imagined the summer of 2022 would be the time when Britons would head en masse to the airports to resume foreign travels that had been so restricted by the pandemic, the chaos at the terminals has shown how difficult an experience that could be.

Many will have been persuaded by this that a last-minute booking to fly somewhere is not a great idea and that this is a good time for staycations. After all, fewer restrictions also means the return of exciting domestic traditions like overnight queuing for Wimbledon tickets.

Indeed, it should be remembered that the restrictions of recent years might have stopped a lot of people coming to London on domestic ventures for all sorts of reasons. That means demand might be higher and short-term lets on an AirBnB or similar basis provide useful extra income before the next academic year.

It should also be remembered that easing travel restrictions also means more people can come to London from overseas – assuming their plane isn’t cancelled – so they will need places to stay too.

While the Platinum Jubilee has come and gone, the excitement of the event might have brought more visitors thrilled by the royal pageantry, while the release of the new Premier League season’s fixtures could see a flurry of visitors in August.

It all means there will be lots of demand for places to stay – which is good news if you can offer neat and clean accommodation.

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