Top Tips For Tackling Dust Once And For All

One of the most regular, underappreciated and important duties for office cleaning services is taking care of dust.

Most of us are familiar with dust either at home or in a neglected office; it is a mix of tiny particles of matter, including debris from food, textile fibres, skin cells, pollen and soil, and collects on surfaces and in hard to reach areas.

Given that dust is a collection of different allergens, breathing in dust and letting it accumulate can be pretty bad for people’s health, so here are some top tips for taking care of it once and for all.


Use Your Porch

This is not always possible in a busy office, but try to encourage people to remove outside clothing and leave it on a hanger or in a locker to reduce the number of outdoor pollutants entering the office.

The majority of dust in homes and offices comes from exterior sources, so the more you can limit this the better.


Vacuum It All

Some people believe that you cannot use a vacuum cleaner on a hard surface such as hardwood or vinyl, which is not at all the case. Simply add a floor brush attachment and get cleaning. It is far quicker and far more effective than using a brush to sweep away the dust.

A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is one of the most effective weapons to keep on top of dust, so long as you regularly empty and keep your vacuum cleaner from getting clogged up.


Use Compressed Air

The one place where you cannot really use a vacuum cleaner is with a computer, as the static build-up caused by a vacuum computer can cause damage to computer parts.

Instead, for computer fans, keyboards and other equipment, invest in a can of compressed air to effectively clean the nooks and crannies and keep your keyboard clean.

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