Top Tips For Fighting Sick Building Syndrome

After a few years of uncertainty, most businesses have a clear plan for how, when and if their staff will return to office complexes and are ensuring that their office cleaning services are comprehensive enough to ensure the health and well-being of all members of staff.

One particular issue that this prevents is sick building syndrome, which is a rather broad spectrum of conditions connected by the fact that the symptoms get worse the longer someone stays in a building but go away once they leave.

Whilst there are multiple potential causes, here are some ways to combat and reduce the effects of sick building syndrome.


Change Your Cleaning Products

One of the most common causes of sick building syndrome is the inhalation of chemical vapours, which can have a range of origins, but one of the most common causes is the use of cleaning products in spaces that are not adequately ventilated.

If the ventilation cannot be improved, then it is important to either avoid using these cleaning products whilst people are in the building for long periods of time or use natural cleaning products in places where a lot of people are working.


Have An Office Plant

Indoor plants not only can have a positive psychological effect but they can also help to improve air quality by reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.

This has the consequence of helping people feel less fatigued and thus aiding in concentration.

Plants can also have a positive effect on staff morale.


Encourage Regular Walks

Assuming ventilation cannot be reasonably improved, it may be time to encourage staff to take matters into their own hands and take regular breaks outside.

Walking is not only good exercise and reduces the cumulative effects of sick building syndrome, but also allows people to refocus and ultimately boost their productivity.

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