How To Clean After Decluttering

Many people might think cleaning and tidying are the same thing, but in fact, they involve very different tasks and skills. While lots of us might have spent the bank holiday weekend sorting through our belongings, how many finished the job with a deep clean of their house?

However, it is important to clean up after decluttering as the process of going through stuff that has lay hidden for several years can make you realise how much dust and grime is lurking in your house.

Getting rid of old books, for instance, can reveal bookshelves that need a good dusting; throwing away bath toys can remind you to disinfect the ones you’ve kept from mould and stale water; and pulling out things that are stored under your bed nearly always shocks people how many dust balls there are.

The kitchen is a room that often accumulates a lot of unnecessary items. When was the last time you used that juicer or pineapple corer, for example? As people run out of space to fit these in their cupboards and drawers, they inevitably end up on counters, making the space look and feel smaller. This also means it is harder to clean the worktops as there are so many things in the way.

After being ruthless with your kitchen gadgets, give the entire room a deep clean, scrubbing tiles, plugs and underneath cupboards, as it has probably been a long time since you last did that.

For a thorough kitchen clean, Good House Keeping recommends using granite polish to restore shine on worktops, washing reusable grocery bags, steam cleaning the microwave with a lemon solution, and wiping down the fridge.


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