End Of Academic Year spells Cleaning Time

The joys of spring may bring lots of sunshine, longer daylight hours and flourishing foliage, but for students it means it’s time to revise for summer exams.

Now It is May, the first exams will be very close and June will bring a mix of stress and demob happiness for students, who will no doubt fancy celebrating the end of their exams in time-honoured fashion.

This means it will not be long before it will be time for end of tenancy cleaning in north London student homes, with landlords needing to clear up what may in some cases be quite a mess from the revelry as the summer break looms.

With universities such as Middlesex, the University of North London, the American University in London and various campuses of other institutions – even Northumbria – in this part of the capital, there will certainly be plenty of students around, with many set to leave London behind at the end of term, either for the summer or for good.

Of course, well-behaved students will be disciplined, reasonably house-proud and will take lots of steps to keep their student homes clean. Those who have read up on how to remove stains, mould and grease will have taken the necessary steps to do so before matters get out of hand and not leave behind a series of lurking problems.

The reality, however, is that many students will either not know these skills, nor care to learn them, which means grime and gunge can build up. Add to the fact that the end of term means they will feel they can leave the mess behind as someone else’s problem – plus the likelihood of some end-of-term revelry – and there is a pretty good chance landlords will be dealing with properties in quite a state.

For that reason, now may be a good time to book ahead for the cleaning session next month, as there will be many other landlords catering for thousands of students who will have exactly the same need.

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